Monday, January 23, 2012

Not over yet

It has been another week of these new exercises, and H still does not like them.  For the most part her mood has been better, though not always.  I am exhausted emotionally tonight from a public emotional meltdown from H.  Thankfully it was a small one, but I felt so bad that her peers saw it.  I wish I could get her out of the sport she is currently enrolled in, which she is not liking much and is not helping all of this.  But we don't want to teach her to run from her problems or to abandon her committments.  In another 6 weeks the sport will be over.  Thank God!  I hope it doesn't take that long for this bit of moodiness to pass over.
What do you think: if someone says something hurtful to your child, should you insist that your child tell you what it is if they don't want to?  In the past I have not forced it, but I am afraid it may be building a habit of hiding in H.  On the other hand, I know I didn't tell my mom things like that, but I don't think she pushed to know either.
I am praying for peace and guidance for all of this and some other stuff.  I would covet your prayers if anyone is reading this!

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