Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another therapy session

We met with H's therapist last week.  In visual memory she is doing quite well, able to remember 9 numbers in a row.  In auditory memory she is much weaker, at 5 or 6 numbers.  This could explain why she had trouble following directions at school.  So this next couple of months we are supposed to concentrate on her auditory memory.  We are listening to books on tape, doing number and word auditory exercises, and playing bop it.  As well as the usual spelling words, math facts, juggling, spinning, writing and massage.
We have been doing this new schedule for a week now.  I have noticed that H is more moody than usual and is disliking the therapy more than usual.  I am hoping this is one of the "regressions" we used to see whenever we changed our schedule.  If so, it is a mild one and should be over in a few days.  Be praying for us!

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