Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another month

Things have finally settled down again.  It seemed to take H forever to get adjusted to her new exercises this time.  Part of it was my fault, as I was not as consistent as usual at the beginning.  I finally had to realize that I simply couldn't get all of them done every night.  So I took off two of the exercises and what is left is doable most nights.  She isn't complaining (much) about them and does them with a good attitude.  Her grades in school continue to be good, with lots of As and Bs and a few C/Ds.  More importantly, her teacher said she is doing really well (with the exception of last week when she was fighting a cold and not feeling well).
However something happened a few weeks ago that left me feeling blindsided.  The school called one day saying a parent had complained that H hurt her daughter on the bus; from what H said it sounds like they got too boisterous in playing.  Then another parent complained a week later that H hit her son; again it seems not to be anything meanspirited.  And because of this H was not going to be allowed to ride the bus!  I have no problem acknowledging that H was wrong and too wild and needed to stop.  Which I must point out she did.  From what several people said it sounds like what really was happening is that H tends to be too boisterous and loud all the time on the bus (like many of the other kids there) and the bus driver was looking for a reason to put her off.  Mind you, this was only the second time the school had contacted me about a bus problem with H.  For all I knew, things were fine most of the year.  If they had contacted me sooner at least we could have worked on the problem before it got to this point.  I feel like this is a similar thing to what happened with scouts last year.  For some reason people seem to feel like they have to pretend everything is under control until it has worn them down so much that they can't take your child any more in any situation.
And I am preaching to myself as well.  I teach 3 yr sunday school and have had some problem children as well.  Also I know how frustrating and tiring yet charming H can be.  She is a handful.  So while I understand to some extent how the bus driver feels, I still wish he had approached me earlier (which I had requested after the first incident) so that we could have worked on this.  Yet I know he is a caring person who did his best.  I am afraid this is not the last time we will have something like this with H, especially in situations that have lots of stimulation or are different from what she is used to.

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