Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still going well

It's been several days since H's last meltdown, and everything has been normal since.  Thank God!  Her moods have been good, she has been as focused as she normally is, and she has been sleeping well.  And this even after I let her have one cookie Sunday night.  She has even gotten interested in the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.  I think these are a step up from the Rainbow magic books.  She has been reading about a chapter a day.  This is pretty good!
As soon as summer starts I am going to try to do more of the therapy; some in the morning and some at night.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life after another (therapy) change

About 2 weeks ago we had another therapy evaluation, and another change of exercises.  The new therapy is going pretty well, though I keep misplacing either the Blink game or the Bop it game.  H's least favorite is still the crawling.  But she has kept a good attitude about it all.
However, today was as close to a disaster as we have seen for a while.  She woke up emotional, and stayed that way.  Anything that went wrong got a response way beyond what it deserved.  It all cumulated at Sunday School, where she was not allowed to eat a cookie right away but had to take it home to save for a non-school night (which is my standard procedure).  She was unhappy, but okay with it (I thought).  Then when my back was turned, she took a bite.  For that I told her she had permanently lost the cookie.  We then had a 30 minute cry fest, at which point she cried herself to sleep for a two hour nap.  After she woke up she was better, but still unable to sit still and still liable to over-react.
I realized later tonight that she does tend to have one melt down at some point after every therapy change.  I hope that is the reason for all this.  And I hope that means we won't have another one anytime soon.
So is there a silver lining in this cloud?  I suppose it could be that the crying fest was only 30 minutes, instead of hours.  And that it only happened once today.  And that she seems normal tonight.  It certainly has been worse in the past.  But that is a pretty thin lining.  It is the only one I can find tonight though.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still here:update after 5 months

Wow, it is hard to believe it has only been 5 months.  We went for another evaluation by the therapist.  Though I hadn't thought H had made as much progress this time, she thought H had done more.  I think that is because she is picking up on things I think of as small, such as H's balance being much better and her crawling being as it should.  So we got alot of new things to do.  We are now doing a type of gentle "shaking", a rhythmic rocking motion, and tongue twisters amoung others.  I have been so impressed at H's good attitude regarding all of this.  She has become a much calmer child.  Now I need to calm down some more:I got more frustrated than I should when I realized she had not turned in an assignment due today that I reminded her about when she got out of the car at school.  I hope her organizational skills improve at some point.  But really, having a happy, loving, energetic, and obedient child is more important than having one who is organized.  Overall I am thrilled we have chosen this route rather than covering up the symptoms with medication.