Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First, I should explain I am a type-A, organizing, list-generating person.  So maybe I am overreacting.  But I found out tonight that H. had (1) lost her math notebook, (2) lost her blue take-home-test folder, (3) didn't turn in a fund-raiser because it had been sitting under her stuff in the car for a week, and (4) got a note that is a week old from her teacher saying she is constantly getting in trouble for acting silly.  These are the times when I feel she has no future and will end up living in a slum somewhere. 
Okay, so I am definately over-reacting.  Thank God, I don't express these thoughts AT ALL to her.  Unfortunately I was a little harsh and over-emphasized all she had missed.  This is not good for a sensitive child.  I will need to ask her forgiveness and pray for more patience.  After all, her notebook and her folder are probably at school in her messy and unorganized desk and she just didn't see them.  And the worst that can happen with the fund raiser is we will owe the school $20.  And we didn't get a note from the teacher this week.  And the note from last week is when we were having trouble at home as well, having just started a new therapy routine.
Speaking of which, it is bed time and we still have a few exercises to do!

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