Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another progress report

The summer is almost over.  It has been a good one for H.  Her behaviour has been consistantly calm and much more mature attitudes/choices than I have ever seen in her before.  Throughout the summer we have tried to do the majority of the exercises every day.  I think there were only a few days that we did every one, and a few days that we didn't do any at all.  Overall I think we did pretty good.  And we didn't stress about how much we got done from day to day.
We had another therapy evaluation last week, and the therapist was surprised at the progress H has made.  She has taken away the crawling (yea!) and put in running instead.  We are also learning somersaults, headstands, and juggling.  And to help get ready for school we are doing a special type of math flash card.  So far H has done the exercises with a good attitude.  And even better, she is excited about starting a new school (wonder of wonders) and has volunteered to get in front of a crowd and say things a few times (she had developed horrible stage fright two years ago).
I'll let you all know how school goes in a few weeks.  I am still concerned about her having control for 8 hrs straight and being able to do the homework afterward.  If you read this, please pray for us!

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