Thursday, August 25, 2011

The beginning of school

We have been on a new set of exercises for about a month now, and are two weeks into a new school year.  Good news first: Usually when we start a new set of exercises there is a major fuss/tantrum at some point, probably because her brain is rewiring a part that was formed at an earlier age (see previous posts to explain this).  However this time we only had part of one day that was a little fussy; really nothing worse than what you would expect from a tired child.  I am hoping that means that we have fixed most of the early age problems and are now working on some of the older age problems.
More good news: H's teacher says she is sitting in her desk, not popping up; and though she occassionally makes noise, it is not often.  Apparently she is quite popular amoung the kids. (I am so thankful for this new school; the teacher is great and really working with us and they placed her in a class with other calm children which helps alot)
Bad news: H is not copying things from the whiteboard very well, including homework assignments.  And she is very slow in doing her schoolwork, which results in more of it coming home.  And getting homework done is still close to hell. We will often be working on it until after 6pm.  It is not that she has alot of work; her younger brother could probably do an equivalent amount of work in 45 min, as compared to her 2-3 hrs.  She still spends alot of time daydreaming.  Only one thing has seemed to help so far.  When she has math problems, we break the problems into 5 or 10 problem groups.  We then "race" to see if she can get the problems in a group done before I finish a chore such as dishes or folding laundry, etc.  It is amazing how this strategy will transform a 1 hr math set into a 10 min math set for her.  It shows she can do it, if only she could concentrate better.  I wish I could wave a wand and put that concentration in her.
Be praying for me:it is sometimes hard to have patience and to remember that H is really quite bright.

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