Thursday, June 23, 2011

A month of summer

It has been about a month since my last report.  The summer has been incredibly busy, mostly for me and not so much for the kids.  We have been doing the new exercises, though it is not unusual for us to miss a couple of them on any given day.  Overall I do not feel like we have made any progress.  It is like we have reached a plateau.  It is all very frustrating.  If anything, I think we have lost some of the progress we had made.  I think most of that is due to the change of schedule that is "summer break".  ADHD kids do best in a uniform, consistant environment.  For instance, I gave H a sheet of math to do the other day.  It took her over an hour to do 8 simple multiplication problems, and then she got at least half of them wrong.  When we went over the ones she missed, she almost went into a "crying, I can't" fit.  We have done some math each day since, and she has done better, though still not as well as I would like or as well as 4th grade is going to expect.  But I will give her this: she managed to control her emotions enough not to go into a fit, and she has been reading alot of books this summer (Ramona books).  It is a huge deal that she is voluntarily reading books when she is bored.  And she is still creating lots of projects/things all during summer.  When she was on medication, her creative side completely disappeared.  So let me brag about what she has made all on her own, without any suggestions or help from anyone: an adorable giraffe finger puppet, a small stuffed pillow in the shape of a pokemon (don't ask me which one), tons of drawings of both known pokemon and ones she has made up, and cards for father's day.
I need to keep focusing on the positive, and praying that God will see her/us through another year (and that we get a good teacher this time)!

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