Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Fever

It has been a rough week and a half.  H has had more trouble concentrating than usual, has been more touchy, and has had more trouble falling to sleep.  Her teacher sent home a note saying it has been a problem at school.  I had figured it was a combination of sugar sneaking into her diet at Easter and just being tired of a whole year of school.  However I found out it could also be due to allergies, that kids with ADHD can have more problems if their allergies are acting up.  And H has had a horrible time with allergies this year, having some sneezing fits that last for 5-10 minutes during which she does nothing but sneezing.  I have had to given her an antihistimine several times just so she could get through the day.  I have not seen a connection between the antihistimine and her behaviour, but I am sure it has not helped.
I hope all this pollen disappears soon.

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