Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making Progress

As I look back at where we were just six months ago, I am so thankful we have been doing this therapy.  H. has changed so much over such a short period of time.  She is much less volatile, is getting to sleep easier, has a better attitude toward things she doesn't like, and is doing much better with her reading.  Tonight she read Matthew 4 to me.  Six months ago I would have been happy with one paragraph, while tonight she did the whole chapter without complaining and stumbling over only one word.  Also, the other day she forgot to bring any of her homework home (her organizational skills are still nil) and I told her she wouldn't be able to go to her science club the next day.  She did start crying and begging, but it was not the hysterics it would have been 6 months ago.  And she was able to stop herself after about ten minutes.  And even better, she was not in a foul or baby-ish mood the rest of the day.  That amazed me.
Another break through: we have been saying the nonsense words to her and asking her to repeat them back since the last session with the therapist (about 1.5 months).  Up to this point she stumbled over 4 words on a regular basis.  Tonight she whizzed through the 4 word combinations, though she still stumbled over the 5 word combinations.  But it is progress!

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