Thursday, April 3, 2014

The beauty of spring

Spring is in full swing here in the south and I am loving it.  There is so much natural beauty here year-round but spring time is special.  That is because it is both fleeting and spectacular.  I need this combination like a slap in the face.
And how I need that slap in the face!  I find that I get too busy, too wrapped up in the rat race to stop and appreciate life. 
The surprising beauty of a redbud tree with its purple flowers peeking through a mass of larger trees, or the blazing white flowers of a dogwood hiding in the forest always catches my attention.  Yet other patches of scenery occasionally catch my attention throughout the year.  What makes spring special, and what slows me down and forces me to pay complete attention, is the fact that it is fleeting.
I know that the redbud, crabapple, or dogwood flowers will be there for only a few weeks.  Then I have to wait a whole year before I can see them again.  That makes me stop.  I have to enjoy them right now, at this moment.
And it strikes me: shouldn't I do this with all things?  Shouldn't I stop and thoroughly enjoy the laughter of my son, or the hug from my daughter, or the peace that comes after everyone is in bed and all the chores are done for the night?  Rather than rushing onto the next thing on my list as I am prone to do.
So I am thankful for that brief, intense beauty that comes in spring.  And I will be praying that I can live my life in a manner similar to how I appreciate springtime in the south.

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