Friday, February 15, 2013

Progress (or not) with Integrated Listening

On the advice of H's therapist we started a program called "Integrated Listening".  We have been doing the 1 hr of listening and the 15 minutes of exercise every day for the past three months.  I had noticed some signs of maturity in H lately, but also times of high emotions.  During the latest parent-teacher conference we were told that H's attention span in class is no better, and she has started to act out a bit more.  Unfortunately all the news is bad this time.

So is the Integrated Listening not working?  It is hard to say.  First of all, the company says it takes 6 months before there are benefits.  Second, we haven't actually been doing it every day, or doing the exercises every time we listen.  It has taken us 2 months to get through 40 sessions because every time you miss a day you have to repeat a lesson (some lessons we repeated 4 times because we kept forgetting a day).  Third, H is almost a preteen and might be experiencing some hormonal swings.

Our plan for now is to continue the listening program and the exercises.  We will try to become more disciplined and do it exactly according to the instructions.  We will continue to encourage H and help her the best we can with school.  And we will pray, pray, and pray some more. 

If anyone else has experience with Integrated Listening, good or bad, I would love to hear from you.

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