Friday, October 21, 2011

Yea! Good news

It is wonderful to have good news to share.  We had the therapy meeting 1.5 weeks ago, and the teacher meeting 1 week ago.  The therapist was impressed by how well H is doing.  She can look at and repeat 9 numbers at a time (how did that happen?  We have never practiced more than 8 at a time).  Her responses to physical stimuli are good.  Her crawling and walking is good.  We are still to work on the juggling more as well as the visual and auditory stimuli.  She still needs to work on her eye muscles as well.

When we met with the teacher she said H had been behaving well the past few days.  At the time I thought it was probably just a few good days for H.  However for the entire past week she has behaved well at school.  This is huge.  She has also been finishing most of her work at school so that we don't have as much homework.  And her last few spelling tests have been Cs instead of Fs.  It is the only subject she is failing, so I feel encouraged by the trend.  Her other grades were Bs, with one high C in science due to two tests that she didn't study and failed.  Her teacher said that now that she is doing the quantity of work expected, we need to work on the quality of work.  Her sentence structures are at a 3rd grade level at best (hmmm....and I was always thrilled for her to simply have a whole sentence rather than a fragment).  I think she can come up with the complexity that a 4th grade student would, she just hates to write and therefore writes as little as possible.  We have given her some extra-large paper with the hope that this will give her more room to write more detailed sentences.

Overall her maturity seems so much better, and yet she has not lost her fun-loving nature or her goofiness.  I am so glad, since that is what makes her unique and was one of the things we lost when she was on ADHD medicine.  I know there are still challenges ahead.  She still requires more teacher attention than most children, and still tends to be distracted easily.  Her organizational skills are still non-existant.  But I feel like we are now on the tail end of normal, rather than being out in the land of disadvantaged or disability.

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