Thursday, February 17, 2011

The sixth week-an update from the therapist

We saw H's therapist today.  I am completely exhausted, mostly from constantly telling H "sit down", "pay attention", "obey", or "use a big girl voice."  I have no idea why, but she was more out-of-control there than at home.  In spite of this, the therapist was also able to see some of the progress H has made and confirm some of the things H's teacher and myself have seen.  It was not as much progress as I had hoped we had made, but at least it was progress.  It was actually more progress than the therapist expected to see, I think.  She said it has helped that we have done the therapy every day.  As a consequence she gave us several new exercises to do at home.  One, which would be challenging to me, is to walk heal-to-toe while tossing a ball from hand to hand.  I can't wait to try this with H.  We also get to try a new game called "Blink".  I don't think she will like that as much.  Anything dealing with speed or timing tends to get her frustrated.  I will have to make sure she doesn't play against brother until she is good at it.  And unfortunately, we still have to practice the crawling, H's least favorite activity because it is so boring.  But I had an idea, that maybe we could give her headphones to listen to her favorite CD while she crawls.  That may make it more fun.
Good luck if you are dealing with this as well.  I am sure you are as exhausted as I am!

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